Polyvinylchloride plastisols (PVC-plastisols) are a homogeneous pasty dispersions of poly(vinyl chloride) in a plasticizer with stabilizers and other multifunctional additives. They are usually used for the production of wallpaper, linoleum, artificial leather, gaskets for food and industrial packaging, vacuum covers, working gloves and other technical products. There are two types of PVC-plastisols presented in the production range: PVC-compacts (non-foaming) and PVC-foams with different textures and height of foaming.

Water-based systems

Water systems are a group of eco-friendly idustrial products made on the base of aqueous polymer dispersions. They are usually used for the preparation of water-dispersed paints or as ready-to-print systems.

Pigment pastes and concentrates

The range of  pigment pastes and concentrates, produced by Polikom, consists of concentrates of organic pigments with high color intensity, thermal and migration stability, excellent dispersibility in the used system. There are few ranges of basic colors were developed: pigment pastes for coloring of water-based systems for gravure printing; pigment concentrates for water-based  systems for flexo printing; pigment pastes for PVC-plastisols. At the client request the shades of the required colors can be matched by Polikom specialists. Digital booklet_pigment pastes (eng)

Undusted pigments

Undusted pigments is a series of powdered mica and aluminum effect-pigments used to reach the effect of silver, gold, copper or pearl in PVC-plastisols, printing inks or in the other water-based or solvent systems. A specially developed pigment processing technology made it possible to avoid the problem of the pigments significant loss during mixing with the binder. The undusted effect-pigments have no "volatility" as the traditional powder pigments, own excellent dispersibility in the used system (binder).


PVC-granules is a decorative material, what is mainly used for decorating wallpaper in order to provide them special texture and appearance. These spherical granules are made on the basis of poly(vinyl chloride) in composition with plasticizers, pigments, stabilizers and other multifunctional additives There are transparent, white and colored granulate with the size of granules from 0.063 mm to 1.5 mm in the Polikom production range.

Auxiliary materials

Auxiliary materials are group of products, designed to solve the production process issues, when the aqueous paints and binders, plastisols and compositions based on them are used.


Products of rotational molding

Rotational molding is one of the methods of processing PVC-plastisols, which allows to get any balloon (hollow) products with the texture similar to rubber, but with a lot of advantages in comparison with it. PVC-plastisol products have low price, long durability of using and no aging, resistance to atmospheric factors, they are ease of painting in any color.